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1st Channel

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The First Channel includes information and news narrating events in Ukraine and abroad; cycle programmes on political and social-economic subjects; literary and musical programmes, programmes for children and youth

2nd Channel

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Information-musical youth channel deals with the most urgent problems of young people in Ukraine, in particular it helps to get oriented towards choosing one's trade, informs of the most important events in the life of youth, acquaints with modern Ukrainian music.

3rd Channel

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UR Third Programme - "Channel of spiritual rebirth Radio "Kultura" which is basically aimed at creating in domestic radio space a special environment of high spiritual culture involving mass listeners' audience.

Radio Ukraine International

Live broadcast
RUI acquaints foreign listeners with all diversity of political and social-economic life in Ukraine.
1st Channel 2nd Channel 3rd Channel RUI
More about RUI

Radio Ukraine International

RUI acquaints foreign listeners with all diversity of political and social-economic life in Ukraine.

Radio Ukraine International is a state broadcaster covering international, social, economic, political and cultural life in Ukraine to serve audiences all over the world. Established back in 1950, Ukraine’s international broadcasting has been operating for over 60 years as part of the National Radio Company. 

RUI is Ukraine’s voice in the world broadcasting in English, German, Romanian and Russian languages. 
RUI’s English broadcasting is a face of the new Ukraine for half a billion English speakers promoting ties with the world’s biggest English-speaking countries - USA, Great Britain, Canada and Australia. 
On September 25, 2014, the English service of Radio Ukraine International launched 30-minute shortwave broadcasts, which are transmitted via the WRMI shortwave center based in Florida, USA from 23:30 to 00:00 UTC on 11580 kHz.
Via its German broadcasting RUI contributes to Ukraine’s integration into the European community through fostering contacts with German-speaking countries – Germany, Austria, Switzerland  
RUI’s Romanian broadcasting aims to facilitate friendly relations between Ukraine and its neighbouring countries in the Baltic and Black Sea region.

Programmes in the English language

Ukrainian Diary - Digest of the most important news over the week.
Close Up - Thursday analytical programme on Ukraine's life.
Insight - Programme about Ukraine, its spiritual and day-to-day life.  
The Roots - Cultural and educational programme.
Highlights - Programme about Ukrainians, their aspirations and life style. 
Ukrainian perspective - Digest of the day's news. 
Hello from Kyiv -
Saturday programme after listeners’ letters.
Reading Lounge - Literary works by famous Ukrainian writers and poets.
Famous Ukrainians - Essays about outstanding people of Ukraine. 
Music from Ukraine - Programme features the best music bands, singers, musicians of this country. - Review of Ukrainian and international press.
Panorama - Programme on aspects and trends of Ukraine's cultural life
Start Ups -
Programme of cutting-edge ideas put into practice.
Sports and Fun -
Programme about sports and activities that turn into passion and people who dare to push the limits.